A Guide to Vibrohammer

What is Vibrohammer?

A vibrohammer is an essential excavator attachment used in the construction industry, particularly in driving or extracting elements like sheet piles, steel casings, beams, and concrete piles. The tool is made up of both hydraulic and electric versions, depending on the job’s requirements.


How does Vibrohammer Work?

1. Vibrational Energy Generation:
A vibrohammer’s core consists of rotating eccentric weights, powered either hydraulically or electrically. This rotation creates a synchronized force, and a resonant frequency that causes the entire system to vibrate.

2. Transmission of Vibrations to the Pile:
The vibratory force generated is then transmitted to the pile or sheet pile through a set of clamps or jaws. This is where the vibrohammer and the pile begin their elegant tango.

3. Reduction of Friction Between Pile and Soil:
These vibrations cause the soil particles around the pile to lose their frictional grip. Imagine a room full of dancers, and the vibrohammer persuades them to give the pile the space it needs. The pile then gracefully slides into the ground.

4. Driving or Extracting the Pile:
Depending on the need, the vibrohammer can either assist in driving the pile deeper into the ground or help in its extraction. It’s a flexible partner, whether in laying foundations or changing plans.

5. Controlling the Process:
The operator, acting as the conductor of this mechanical symphony, controls the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations to ensure that the pile is driven with precision and care.

6. Compatibility with Various Attachments:
Much like the wide array of excavator attachments A&D offers, vibrohammers can be paired with different accessories, such as hydraulic rock breakers and earth augers, making them versatile performers on the construction stage.
To put it poetically, a vibrohammer is a tool that sings to the soil and commands it to part, allowing construction elements to find their rightful place in the symphony of progress.

For inquiries or more poetic insights into the workings of a vibrohammer or any other excavator attachments, please don’t hesitate to contact A&D, the maestros of construction equipment. We’re always in tune with your needs!

Working Principle of Vibratory Hammers

Act 1: Creation of Vibrations
The Eccentric Weights: Inside the vibratory pile driver, eccentric weights rotate, creating an imbalance.
The Vibrations: This imbalance generates vibrations, a sort of mechanical waltz that’s more than just a dance; it’s the very soul of this machine.
Act 2: Transmission to the Pile
The Clamps: These vibrations are then channeled to the pile through clamps, an embrace that ensures the pile shares in this harmonic motion.
The Synchronization: The vibratory pile driver and the pile begin to move as one, a pas de deux of metal and earth.
Act 3: Dancing with the Soil
The Soil’s Response: The vibrations reach the surrounding soil, rearranging its particles, reducing friction, and allowing the pile to glide gracefully into its place.
The Art of Driving: Depending on the soil’s composition and the type of pile, the vibratory pile driver adjusts its tempo, ensuring a perfect fit.
Act 4: The Finale – Control and Precision
The Operator’s Conduct: Like a seasoned conductor, the operator controls the frequency, amplitude, and other parameters to drive or extract the pile with elegance and accuracy.
The Encore: If needed, a hydraulic hammer might take the stage for a final performance, ensuring the pile is driven to its exact depth.

Type of Vibratory Hammers

1. Hydraulic Vibratory Hammers:
These marvels are powered by hydraulic energy. Often seen romancing with excavators, cranes, or other machinery, hydraulic vibratory hammers are known for their robustness and power. They’re the robust baritones of the construction opera, if you will.

2. Electric Vibratory Hammers:
Electric vibratory hammers, powered by electric motors, are the more agile and environmentally friendly tenors of the group. They’re suited for applications where noise and emissions need to be minimized.

3. High-Frequency Vibratory Hammers:
For a smooth and controlled dance with the pile, the high-frequency vibratory hammers lead the way. They operate at higher vibrations per minute, making them the sprightly dancers of the pile-driving world.

4. Low-Frequency Vibratory Hammers:
More deliberate and forceful, the low-frequency vibratory hammers bring a resonant bass to the symphony. Their slower and more powerful strokes are ideal for tougher soils and heavy-duty tasks.

5. Variable Frequency Vibratory Hammers:
The versatile virtuosos of the group, these hammers can adjust their frequency to match the soil conditions. Think of them as the talented multi-instrumentalists adapting to the orchestra’s needs.

6. Excavator-Mounted Vibratory Hammers:
Custom-made to partner with excavators, these hammers offer the ease of mobility and quick setup. They’re the nimble duet partners, always ready to take the stage.

7. Crane Suspended Vibratory Hammers:
These are the graceful ballerinas of the vibratory world, suspended from cranes and performing with precision and elegance.

8. Submersible Vibratory Hammers:
The deep-sea divers of vibratory hammers, these are specially designed to work underwater. Their performance in marine construction is akin to a beautiful underwater ballet.

Advantages of Vibratory Hammers

1. Speed – The Allegro Movement:
Vibrohammers perform their tasks with the swiftness of a brisk allegro, driving piles rapidly into the soil. A tempo that accelerates your construction timeline!

2. Versatility – The Symphony of Uses:
From sheet pile driving to extracting, these hammers are like a multi-instrumentalist, versatile and ready for various soil conditions. A true virtuoso of the construction field!

3. Efficiency – The Crescendo of Performance:
With their ability to adapt to different types and sizes of piles, vibrohammers offer an efficiency that resonates like a well-timed crescendo, building the performance to a peak.

4. Low Noise – The Pianissimo Touch:
Working with a gentle whisper compared to other methods, vibrohammers offer a pianissimo touch, making them suitable for urban areas. Music to the ears of those who value tranquillity!

5. Reduced Ground Vibration – The Smooth Waltz:
Dancing gracefully with the soil, vibrohammers minimize ground vibrations. A smooth waltz that preserves the integrity of surrounding structures!

6. Adaptability – The Jazz Improvisation:
Much like a jazz musician, vibrohammers can improvise, adapting to different pile types and soil conditions. An adaptable performance that hits all the right notes!

7. Eco-Friendly – The Green Sonata:
With reduced noise and vibration, vibrohammers compose a green sonata, lessening the impact on the environment. A harmonious blend with Mother Nature!

8. Cost-Effective – The Budget Symphony:
At A&D, we believe in creating melodious masterpieces that resonate with your budget. Vibrohammers offer a cost-effective solution, playing a budget symphony that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Should you wish to discover more about these types or any other excavator attachments, please contact A&D. We’re the composers of quality, orchestrators of efficiency, and always at your service. Let’s make beautiful construction music together!

What is the difference between a vibratory hammer and an impact hammer?

  • Vibratory Hammer:
    Working Principle: The Dance of Vibrations: Vibratory hammers utilize rapid vibrations, creating a harmonious rhythm that loosens the soil and drives or extracts piles.
    The Gentle Touch: Through continuous, controlled vibrations, they persuade the soil to make way, a method as gentle and elegant as a waltz.
    Advantages: Versatility and Precision: Adaptable to various types of soil and piles, the vibratory hammer offers a nuanced performance.
    Environmental Friendliness: Often quieter and with reduced impact, it’s the refined choice for urban areas.
    Applications: The Grand Performance: Best suited for sandy or gravelly soils, where it can perform its vibration-induced ballet to perfection.
  • Impact Hammer:
    Working Principle:
    The Drumbeat of Force: Impact hammers rely on a rhythmic pounding, delivering forceful blows that drive the pile into the ground, like a drumbeat resonating through the earth.
    The Bold Approach: This method is more forceful, akin to a powerful crescendo in a symphonic masterpiece.
    Strength and Simplicity: With brute force, the impact hammer is straightforward and effective, much like a strong bass line in a musical composition.
    Ideal for Tough Terrains: It thrives in cohesive soils where a firm and decisive touch is needed.
    The Bold Solo: Excelling in dense or clayey soils, the impact hammer delivers a performance as robust and resonant as a solo drum performance.

How do I Choose a Vibro Hammer?

1. Determine the Project’s Requirements:
Understand the nature of the soil, the type of piles, and the overall project demands. It’s the opening movement, setting the tone for the selection.
2. Assess the Power Source:
Hydraulic Vibro Hammers: For a robust, powerful performance.
Electric Vibro Hammers: For a quieter, more environmentally conscious concert.
3. Consider the Frequency Needs:
High-Frequency: For sandy or loose soil, like a lively allegro.
Low-Frequency: For denser or cohesive soil, akin to a resonant adagio.
4. Evaluate the Machine Compatibility:
Excavator-Mounted: For nimble and versatile needs.
Crane Suspended: For precise and elevated performances.
5. Reflect on the Project’s Scale:
Mini Vibro Hammers: For the delicate solos and smaller tasks.
Heavy-Duty Options: For the grand symphonies and major projects.
6. Think About the Environmental Factors:
Consider noise restrictions, underwater needs, or other special requirements that might call for a unique composition, such as submersible vibro hammers.
7. Analyze the Budget Symphony:
Select a vibro hammer that fits your financial orchestra, keeping in mind both quality and affordability.
8. Consult the Maestros:
Speak with experts, like the passionate team at A&D, who can tailor the selection to your unique construction concerto.
9. Consider After-Sales Service:
Ensure that support and maintenance are part of the package, like the reassuring encore after a successful performance.

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