Backhoe Loader Manufacturer&Supplier in China

At A&D, we’ve harnessed over 8 years of experience in construction equipment manufacturing to become a leading name in the industry. A&D stands out as a competent and reliable backhoe loader manufacturer and supplier in China, with a strong emphasis on quality, customer service, and a global market approach. Whether it’s for construction, demolition, or excavation, A&D’s backhoe loaders and other equipment represent a blend of quality, innovation, and value.

  • Extensive Experience
  • Diverse Product Line
  • Custom solutions for your needs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Custom solutions for your needs

A&D Backhoe Loader

A&D, as a manufacturer and supplier of construction equipment, offers backhoe loaders that embody a blend of quality, innovation, and functionality. These backhoe loaders are designed to meet the diverse needs of construction, excavation, and demolition projects.

In the A&D, we extend the option to either rent or purchase Backhoe Loader. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you in selecting the most suitable scrap shear that aligns with your specific project needs. We are committed to delivering quality equipment and exceptional service, making us your trusted partner for all your excavator attachment requirements.

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A&D Backhoe Loader Advantages

Extremely Effective
Diverse Product Line

Offers a wide range of excavator attachments, including hydraulic rock breakers, sheet pile hammers, log grapples, and backhoe loaders.

Fast Working
Top-Quality Assurance

Committed to providing Grade A quality equipment, manufactured to industry standards from material selection to heat treatment and craftsmanship.

Safe to Use
Customization Services

Adapts to various overseas market demands with a full range of high, medium, and low-grade product options and customization services.

Long Term Reliability
Easy Maintenance

A&D Backhoe Loader are built with long life in mind and require little maintenance. Regular and easy maintenance of Backhoe Loader offers a slew of advantages for businesses in the construction sector.

How does a Backhoe Loader Work?

The Basic Structure of Backhoe Loader

Front Loader: The front part of the machine features a wide, square bucket, used for loading, pushing, or leveling materials.

Rear Backhoe: At the rear is the backhoe, a digging arm with a bucket, primarily used for excavation.

Tractor Base: The central part of the backhoe loader is like a tractor, with an engine, operator’s cabin, and hydraulic controls.

Front Loader Functionality

Lifting and Carrying: The front loader lifts materials like soil, sand, or gravel and transports them to different locations on a site.

Leveling Ground: The loader can also be used for leveling or smoothing out surfaces.

Backhoe Functionality

Excavation: The backhoe arm can dig trenches, holes, and foundations. It’s controlled by hydraulic levers in the cabin, allowing precise movement.

Backfilling: After digging, the backhoe can also be used for backfilling the excavated area.


At Work:

Hydraulic System: Both the loader and the backhoe are powered by a hydraulic system. When the operator moves the control levers, hydraulic fluid is pushed through valves and into cylinders, extending or retracting the pistons and moving the arms.

Control Cabin: The operator controls the machine from a cabin, which typically rotates to allow easy operation of both the loader and the backhoe.

Why Choose A&D for Your Backhoe Loader Supplier

With over 8 years in the construction equipment industry, A&D has honed its expertise, ensuring reliable and high-quality products. Having exported to more than 40 countries, A&D has demonstrated its capability to meet diverse international standards and customer expectations.A&D offers a variety of excavator attachments, including backhoe loaders, ensuring a wide selection to meet different project needs.

A&D Hydraulic Scrap Shear

A&D Backhoe Loader for Sale

For inquiries and more information about A&D’s backhoe loaders and other excavator attachments, feel free to contact them. They are ready to provide top-quality equipment and comprehensive after-sales service to meet all your needs.

About A&D Backhoe Loader price:

At A&D, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality Backhoe Loader tailored to meet the demands of various industrial applications. Recognizing that pricing is a crucial aspect for our esteemed customers, we encourage inquiries about our Backhoe Loader prices. The price of a backhoe loader can vary widely based on several factors, including the model, specifications, any additional features or attachments, and the region of purchase. You can click here to contact us, we are pleasure to give you a Backhoe Loader solution!

  • “I’ve been getting Backhoe Loader from A&D, and the quality is always excellent. They consistently deliver outstanding results and reliable operation. Huge appreciation to A&D services.”

  • “A&D is a dependable and trusted manufacturer of Backhoe Loader. The Backhoe Loader is strong and effective for any industrial purpose. Besides, it is easy to use and user-friendly equipment.”

  • “I want to thank A&D for consistently offering Backhoe Loader that are simple to use and able to manage the most complex challenges. Thank you, A&D, for your great product services.”

Why a Backhoe Loader so important?

A backhoe loader is a staple in many construction projects due to its versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Here’s why it’s so important:

  1. Combining the capabilities of two machines (a loader and an excavator), it can perform a wide range of tasks without the need for multiple different machines.
  2. It can be equipped with various attachments for different tasks, such as breakers, augers, or different types of buckets.
  3. Its dual-purpose nature means less equipment is needed on-site, lowering rental or purchase costs.
  4. Backhoe loaders are relatively compact and easy to maneuver, especially in confined spaces where larger machines might not fit.

About Backhoe Loader Parts:

The backhoe loader can be fitted with various attachments, like different buckets, hammers, or augers, enhancing its functionality for various tasks.



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