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A&D offers a concrete pulverizer for controlled demolition works and recycling of bridge decks, walls, slabs, and others. Whether you need a mechanical or hydraulic pulverizer, A&D can help you find the right concrete pulverizer for your device crushing operation. Designed for durability and long life, A&D excavator concrete pulverizer operates fully mechanically, eliminating the need for extra hydraulics. Far from ordinary, it boasts advanced Korean technology. We provide extensive customization, from color and aesthetics to logo and size.

  • Easy assembly
  • Long-lasting life
  • More cost-efficient
  • Adopts Korean technology
  • ctuated by the bucket cylinder
  • Customize color, appearance, logo, and sizes

The Quintessential Tool for Controlled Demolition & Recycling: The A&D Concrete Pulverizer

For controlled demolition and concrete recycling—be it slabs, walls, or bridge decks—the A&D Concrete Pulverizer is unparalleled. It excels in separating concrete from rebar, making it essential for urban renewal, infrastructure improvement, and environmental cleanups.

The concrete pulverizer is an excavator attachment used for breaking concrete into small pieces. It is also used to cut the fixed rebar, enabling the concrete to fall. The concrete pulverizer consists of a moveable jaw and a stationary jaw. It enables the operator to collect concrete walls, bridge decks, and walls to pulverize them through compression. The two main types of concrete pulverizers are hydraulic pulverizers and mechanical pulverizers.

In China, A&D is a professional manufacturer of different excavator attachments, especially concrete pulverizers. We focused on manufacturing and exporting concrete pulverizers for eight years. If you need a high-quality, reliable concrete pulverizer, please feel free to message us now. We will respond to you quickly and provides excellent after-sale service.

Application Principle

A&D Concrete Pulverizer operates without any need for additional hydraulics. The bucket cylinder of the excavator actuates the front jaw, which in turn crushes material against the stationary back jaw. This mechanical dynamism offers a seamless operational experience.Thanks to this unique construction, the pulverizer not only crushes concrete but also effectively separates it from rebar. The force exerted by the jaws crunches the concrete while simultaneously cleaning off the rebar, ensuring an effortless separation from the remaining rubble. This makes it akin to rock rippers and other high-efficiency demolition tools.

Elevate Your Excavation Game with A&D’s Versatile Range of Concrete Pulverizers!

Mechanical Concrete Pulveriser
Mechanical Pulverizer

A&D offers a high-quality mechanical concrete pulverizer, designed for controlled, quiet secondary demolition as well as recycling. Featuring offset rows to enhance downsize material ability.

Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer
Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer

Our hydraulic concrete pulverizer is suitable equipment for secondary demolition, low-level demolition, high-volume processing, and dismantling duties.

Concrete Pulverizer for 3 Ton
Concrete Pulverizer for 3 Ton

A&D provides a concrete pulverizer for 3 tons. They are applicable to different industries, such as demolition, construction, and recycling.

Concrete Fixed Pulverizer
Concrete Fixed Pulverizer

With its new designed tooth, our concrete fixed pulverizers are great equipment for secondary demolition. They are the best device for separating rebar and crushing concretes.

Manual-Type Concrete Pulverizer
Manual-Type Concrete Pulverizer

A&D manual-type concrete pulverizer is the fast, practical, and powerful equipment to operate demolition waste on job sites. No hydraulic connection is required due to its bucket jack force.

Road Construction Pulverizer
Road Construction Pulverizer

Our road construction pulverizer is functional for different industries including construction works, building material shops, and many others. They are durable and long-lasting.

Why Choose A&D Concrete Pulverizer

Smooth Material Flow
Smooth Material Flow

A&D concrete pulverizer provides less downtime by means of rebar getting caught up and material bridging.

Fast Cycle Times
Fast Cycle Times

Our concrete pulverizer comes with many special features that improve performance and guarantee fast cycle times.

Improves Durability
Improves Durability

High-strength, abrasion-resistant, and alloy steel teeth make the attachment reduces wear and improves durability.

Maximize Crushing Force
Maximize Crushing Force

The system requires tolerable flow amounts to create an identical amount of productivity, yet maximizes cutting force.

A Concrete Pulverizer We Can Offer

A&D offers four types of concrete pulverizers with machine options ranging from 2 to 85 tons.

  • Demolition Pulverizer: Mainly used for picking up to grab the concrete wall side or structure. It can minimize ruins on the ground.
  • Bulk Pulverizer: It can be used in secondary pulverizing applications and major demolition at below grade or ground level.
  • Combi Cutters: These attachments can be outfitted with cutting jaws or shear jaws.
  • Concrete Busters: These excavation attachments are designed for thick structures or concrete walls.

The Many Types of Our Concrete Pulverizers

Demolition Pulverizers (DP)

Our DP demolition pulverizers are crafted primarily for demolishing concrete and rebar. They seamlessly blend the traits of a demolition attachment with the finesse of an excavator material pulverizer, minimizing rubble on the ground.

Bulk Pulverizers (BP)

Our bulk pulverizers, shaped for efficiency, shine in secondary demolition and additional reduction of reinforced concrete elements. They’re adept for major demolitions at or below grade level, their angled form ensuring optimal performance.

Combi Cutters

Versatility is the name of the game with our Combi Cutters. These attachments can be equipped with either cutting or shear jaws, serving as a multi-functional tool for your varied project needs.

Concrete Busters

For those dealing with thick structures or concrete walls, our Concrete Busters are engineered for the job. These are your heavy-duty excavation attachments, built to break through the most challenging barriers.

A Concrete Pulverizer We Can Offer
Features of Concrete Pulverizer

Features of Concrete Pulverizer

A&D concrete pulverizer comes with swift lock teeth to provide field change-out in seconds. It is actuated by the bucket cylinder of the excavator without additional hydraulic circuit requirements. The list below are the additional features of our concrete pulverizers:

  • Customized Lever Arms: Provides exceptional crushing power
  • Existing Excavator Hydraulic: Requires no additional circuits
  • Welded Heavy-Duty Torque Tubes: This tube is 100% welded to reduce torsional stresses

Concrete Pulveizer Advantage

  1. Can be installed quickly and no additional hydraulic is required.
  2. Separate rebar and concrete and then make them into profitable, recyclable materials.
  3. Heavy-duty crushing jaws pivot, pivot pin on heat-treated supported by durable bushings to provide reliable performance for years.
  4. Cost efficient and compatible with your machine.
  5. Custom jaw design, additional durable facing, and numerous selections available upon special request.
Concrete Pulverizer Advantage

A&D – Your Leading Concrete Pulverizer Supplier in China

A&D – Your Leading Concrete Pulverizer Supplier in China
Leading Concrete Pulverizer Supplier in China

A concrete pulverizer is an attachment that is jaw-like with a wide range of hardened teeth to smash rock and concrete. It has bushings and oversized pins with heat-treated parts for heavy-duty tines and excellent wear life.

A&D is your leading concrete pulverizer manufacturer in China that can assist you in completing your crushing works seamlessly. They are manufactured to meet different application demands, such as columns, stairways, masonry, columns, brick walls, composite stone structures, and many more. A&D is more than 8 years of manufacturing concrete pulverizers and has been the customer’s first choice due to its quality and versatility.

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Works To Be Done
Works To Be Done

A&D concrete pulverizers are great for the following applications:

  • Commercial Demolition
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Concrete Recycling
  • C&D (Construction & Demolition, Sorting/Recycling
  • Segregating Concrete from Rebar
Why Choose A&D Concrete Pulverizer
Why Choose A&D Concrete Pulverizer
  • Built for long-term use and durable
  • Fully Mechanical
  • Can be used with a direct pin-on or coupler
  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • Stable working performance

A&D Concrete Pulverizer Services


A&D team provides reachable turn-key installation services so you can use our concrete pulverizer properly. Our installation services can be customized and personalized to meet your special needs.


Our team professional team offers refurbishment and repair services for your concrete pulverizer. A&D even repair excavator attachment that is not our brand with exceptional efficiency.

If you need a part added, modified, or replaced to enhance your system, A&D will do the best work you expect.


A&D team is popular for our quick shipping. Depending on your requirements, the A&D team can accommodate every detail of the delivery, such as worldwide custom clearance.

Our high delivery capacities enable us to provide a very competitive rate. Also, our delivery is versatile, provided that the customer has already experienced receiving equipment.

Concrete Pulverizer Supplier
A&D – Custom Concrete Pulverizer Supplier

We offer concrete pulverizers with custom logos, appearance, color, and sizes. A&D provides more professional services for small-sized and medium-sized negotiators to give future market planning.

  • The concrete pulverizer from A&D really provides awesome performance. Thank you, the A&D team for delivering us compact and easy-to-use equipment.

  • A&D concrete pulverizers are so flexible to smash everything from Construction & Demolition to natural stone. Without an A&D pulverizer, we can’t do it. The equipment is very easy to operate. Excellent customer service and awesome products! Thank you, A&D!

  • With A&D concrete pulverizer, we reach the best final material quality. We use it in road construction which saves us both money and time!

Essential Guide to Concrete Pulverizers:

What You Need to Know for Your Project

When selecting a concrete pulverizer, you should consider the material type, its hardness, location, and thickness. Also, assess the size and presence of plate or rebar. Site conditions and whether the demolition is above or below ground also influence your choice.

Choosing the Right Pulverizer for Your Excavator

A&D recommends the right attachment based on your application and materials. Factors like excavator weight, hydraulic requirements, and load-carrying capacity are considered. Some attachments may require secondary hydraulics for additional functionalities like 360-degree rotation.

Maintenance Considerations

Routine high-quality greasing is essential. The wear parts, such as the small blade behind the tooth plate and jaw teeth, are replaceable. Maintenance depends on the attachment’s utilization and the material it’s used on.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re better equipped to make an informed decision on the most suitable concrete pulverizer for your needs.

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