How to Get a Proper Hydraulic hammer?

What Is a Hydraulic Hammer?

A hydraulic hammer is a construction equipment that is installed on the excavator to finish the  building demolition, mining, city construction, or quarrying work.

Why More People Choose Hydraulic Hammer?

In recent years, hydraulic breakers technology has developed rapidly, equipped with excavators, not only improving the working efficiency but also reducing the operating costs for many applications;

It makes the operators able to do more work safely and efficiently in mines and quarries.  That means more and more people will choose a hydraulic breaker to finish some jobs in different areas.

How to Choose a Proper Demolition Hammer?


1.The hydraulic hammer breaker should match the excavator sizes well, if its weight is too heavy or too light, the hydraulic breaker hammer will not be able to complete the work high efficiently.

If the hydraulic hammer is much heavier than the excavator, it may damage the excavator booms; if the rock breaker is smaller than the excavator, the high-pressure excavator hydraulic oil may hurt the hydraulic hose and fittings.

What is a demolition hammer

2.Match the breaker tools for the project. Hydraulic breaker working performance depends on many factors, one is the correct chisels chosen for the project.

Usually, there are three types of tools for your choice. Blunt and Chisel, Chisel tools include Wedge and Moil.

  • Blunt tools. It is a flat head tool; this tool is designed to direct the force of the blow equally in all directions. By spreading the force, it tends to break the surface of the rock, thereby creating cracks and accelerating the separation of existing joints or lines. It is often a priority choice when sharper tools are useless.
  • Chisel tools. We also called Wedge and Moil. Both are called Chisel tools. The primary function is to direct the energy. Their heads look like the tip of a sharpened pencil or a flathead screwdriver. Different heads provide the perfect working performance for hydraulic hammer attachment. Each customer can choose whether it is wedge or moil, depending on their preference.


3. You have to choose the hydraulic breaker shapes according to your project.

There are 3 basics for your choice, Side hydraulic breaker, Silent hydraulic hammer, and Top rock breaker.

For example, in many areas, there is a noise level request, so you need a box hydraulic breaker, also named silent hydraulic breaker, with the damper inside, it can lower the noise. With the housing which protects the main body from damage. It also can prevents dust from entering the bushing.

Box hydraulic breaker

The top hydraulic breaker and side hydraulic breaker are easier to repair and do regular maintenance due to the revealer power cell. And it is very flexible to work on the quarry and building demolition.

Open Hydraulic Breakerhydraulic rock breaker


4. Before placing the order, you have to know the material, the warranty period, the hydraulic breaker spare parts and accessories, delivery time, hydraulic breaker HS code, Local charges, and Tax.

Usually, it comes with two tools, two hoses, one set oil seal, one gas bottle, one pressure gauge, one tool tox, and one hydraulic breaker service manual.

hydraulic breaker accessory

5.You have to give the pin diameter and arm width of the excavators to make the hydraulic breaker ready in the factory. Then it will be easier to install after you receive it.

We will write about how to use a demolition hammer in the next Article.

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