How to operate the hydraulic breaker properly?

How to use a hydraulic breaker properly?
▼ Inspection before use
①Check whether there are any loose bolts or oil leaks in the hydraulic hammer, the hammer body outer clamp and the oil pipe fixing. If there are any abnormalities, please repair them promptly.
②Inject grease into the chisel pin. Operate the excavator with the rod in contact with the ground, so that the rod is fully pressed into the lower cylinder. Inject grease at the grease injection port in the lower cylinder. Grease the hammer section every 2 hours of continuous operation.
Allow the excavator to run for 10 minutes before use (i.e. warm up the oil) until the oil temperature has risen sufficiently before working. The appropriate oil temperature range is 50°C to 80°C.
▼ When the hydraulic hammer striking, keep the rod at a right angle to the striking surface.
▼ Keep the front end of the hydraulic excavator about 5cm higher than the rear end when striking, so that the hydraulic hammer can be pressed firmly against the striking surface. Be careful not to raise the front end of the excavator too high.
▼ For large, hard objects, start with the easily broken end.
▼ If you can’t make a hole or break a hole in the same spot within one minute of continuous striking, change the striking surface to a more breakable end.
▼ The direction of entry of the hydraulic hammer and the direction of the hammer itself may deviate, so always adjust the crank arm of the bucket to maintain the same direction.
▼ To avoid empty striking, always keep the hammer firmly pressed against the stone surface when striking.

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