Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer Manufacturer in China

A&D is an experienced manufacturer of skid steer hydraulic breakers and other attachments. We offer complete accessories with standard sizes to suit particular project equipment. Various hydraulic breaker designs and models are available to fit different skid steers. 

  • Simple and reliable
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent performance


A&D Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer

This nifty attachment turns your skid steer into a demolition master. Specifically designed to break through concrete, asphalt, and other rigid surfaces, the Hydraulic Concrete Breaker uses hydraulic force to shatter these materials into manageable chunks. If you thought your skid steer was only good for pushing and pulling, prepare for a paradigm shift.

The hydraulic breakers for skid steers are set up with highly durable designs. These attachments break rocks, asphalts, and concretes with ease and powerful force. They run maximum efficiency with breaker carrier hydraulic capability. The skid steer would be powerfully precise equipment when attached with hydraulic breakers. 

Hydraulic Concrete Breaker for Skid Steer

Think of a Hydraulic Concrete Breaker as the skid steer’s weapon of choice for taking down fortified structures like concrete, asphalt, and even some types of rock. Powered by hydraulic force, this attachment converts your skid steer into a demolition powerhouse, making those once-daunting tasks a walk in the park.

Why Choose a Hydraulic Concrete Breaker?

Speed & Efficiency
Time is money, and this attachment saves you plenty of both.
Accomplish what would take hours of manual labor in mere minutes.
Precision & Control
Unlike less sophisticated methods, you get surgical precision in breaking materials.
Ideal for projects where you can’t afford collateral damage.
Perfect for breaking through more than just concrete—think asphalt and rocks as well.
Adjustable settings to match the needs of different tasks.

Features of Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaker for Sale:

Impact Energy: Higher impact energy leads to faster, more efficient breaking.
Material: A well-constructed breaker will use properly selected materials and undergo heat treatment for long-lasting durability.
Compatibility: Ensure that the hydraulic breaker is compatible with the hydraulic flow rates and pressure specifications of your skid steer.

Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaker for Sale

Speed & Efficiency
High Impact Energy: Break through concrete, rock, and asphalt like a hot knife through butter.
Reduced Downtime: Our breakers are designed for longevity, meaning you spend less time on maintenance and more on getting the job done.
Precision & Versatility
Surgical Precision: Perfect for projects that require meticulous care—demolish only what you intend to.
Multi-purpose: Whether it’s asphalt removal, rock breaking, or trenching, this attachment has got you covered.
Quality & Durability
Proper Material Selection and Heat Treatment: Rest assured, we invest in top-notch materials and manufacturing processes, providing you with a durable and reliable product.

Feel free to contact us anytime!;

A&D provides various markets and customers with required hydraulic breakers for skid steers. We also customize logos, colors, sizes, and equipment appearance to meet your necessities. 

Hydraulic Concrete Breaker
Hydraulic Concrete Breaker

The hydraulic concrete breakers for skid steers are suitable for chisels with40mm, 45mm and 53mm diameter. However, they are customizable. They cleansed slags and did demolition operations.

Skid Steer Hydraulic Loader Breaker
Skid Steer Hydraulic Loader Breaker

Skid steer hydraulic loader breakers are perfect for demolition, tunnels, and construction applications. They have the cylinder and main body core components.

Mini Skid Steer Hydraulic Rock Breaker
Mini Skid Steer Hydraulic Rock Breaker

The mini skid steers hydraulic rock breakers come with box housing that provides versatility and durability. They are easy to install and operate.

Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer Advantages

High Efficient
High Efficient

Utilizing hydraulic breakers for skid steers makes the tasks done efficiently. Multiple construction industries rely on these easy-to-operate machines for their projects.

Less Noise
Less Noise

The skid steer with hydraulic breakers doesn’t discharge much noise. It minimizes the sounds on demolition or construction sites. That means they will not disturb other work.

Minimize Risks
Minimize Risks

Since hydraulic breakers for skid steers are safe too to use, it reduces risks in the workplace. They help finish construction projects with safe operation and workers under you.

Saves Manpower
Saves Manpower

Destroying concretes using skid steers with hydraulic breakers saves so much workforce. That also means you can save labor costs and decrease the project budget.

Selecting Factors to Consider

A&D can assist you from selecting the suitable hydraulic breakers for skid steers to delivering them. The following tells some factors to consider when choosing the best ones.

  • Attachment Options: Various hydraulic breaker models suit different skid steer designs and loader operations.
  • Applications: Different sizes are accessible to fit on particular skid steer equipment. Heavier applications also need heavier breaker models.
  • Flow Settings: The required hydraulic flow and pressure must also be considered. You need to know and ensure the proper breaker settings for a smooth operation.
  • Design Features: It is also essential to consider if the breakers have a high level of protection, durability, and lasting design features.
skid steer loader

Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaker Attachments

A&D manufactures several hydraulic breaker attachments for skid steers. Our options include the following:

  • Arrowhead Rockdrill: This attachment is designed with reliability and durability. They perform well without using much oil and are suitable for construction sites and heavy-duty.
  • Customized Attachment: These attachments work well with skid steers that require high breaking capacity. They are perfect for building refurbishment, demolition, and road maintenance projects.

Why Choose A&D Services

  • A&D offers a wide range of attachments, including a hydraulic breaker for skid steer, rock breaker hammer, log grapples, earth drill auger, grab bucket, and many more.
  • Rest assured that our customers will be provided with a comprehensive range of designs that are customized according to necessities.
  • We also offer aftersale services.
  • You can tell us your OEM details, and our R&D department will take care of the rest of the process.
  • The requested attachments are tested before release.

A&D - Your Trusted Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer Supplier

A&D specializes in manufacturing and exporting skid steer attachments, including hydraulic breakers. Our extensive production experience and technical development guarantee hydraulic breakers ease of installation and stable performance. Moreover, we ensure suspension features that minimize vibration and heighten operators’ comfort.

Please send us your inquiries, and expect fast responses from our service team!


Our offered hydraulic breaker for skid steers comes with standard features, such as follows:

  • Self-regulating
  • Body bushing all over the piston
  • No re-gassing required
  • Against blank firing system
  • With hydraulic brakes
  • Monoblock style
  • more
Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer

The hydraulic breakers for skid steers with the following structures. 


  • Through bolts
  • Backhead
  • Valve system(available with external valve)
  • Piston
  • Front head
  • Cylinder
  • Chisel (various options are: wedge, moil, blunt, and cone)
  • Frame(this is a special mount cap to connect the hydraulic breaker and carriers)

Let us know your customise details now!

Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer Various Applications


The hydraulic breaker attachments for skid steers are typically used for mining. They suit mountains, cruising, secondary crushing rocks, and other complex elements. With high strength and capacity, miners finish the projects quickly.

Municipal Gardens
Municipal Gardens

Industries use skid steers with hydraulic breakers for concrete crushing, gas engineering construction, old city transformation, water engineering, and electricity construction. They are flexible to work on the narrow place, indoor and city road rebuilt and garden usage.


The skid steers with hydraulic breakers are efficient equipment for building demolition and reinforcing broken concretes. They remove concrete decks and piers during demolition operations. 

Hydraulic Breaker for Skid Steer Supplier
Worlds’ Trusted Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaker Manufacturer

A&D is completed with the knowledgable production team, ensuring excellent quality equipment attachments for your projects and industries. We continuously serve our worldwide clients with cost-effective skid steer hydraulic breakers. You can also be one of them. Let’s start our business partnership now!

  • “A&D became our constant manufacturer and continuously provided us with excellent services. Their supplied hydraulic breaker for our skit steers are well manufactured. That enhances our work productivity and efficiency. Thanks, A&D team!”

  • “Our requested hydraulic breakers arrived as planned. They are in good condition and securely packed. Actually, this is the second time we lean A&D customization services, and we will trust them again without hesitation.”

  • “We appreciate how the A&D service team assists our purchasing needs. We have received suitable hydraulic breakers for our skis steers. That achieves our fast and convenient operations.”

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