Custom Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Manufacturer in China

A&D is a manufacturer of hydraulic breaker spare parts such as bush sets, tool pins, pistons, seal kits, front heads, cylinders, hydraulic breaker chisels, and much more. All parts are made using a high grade of steel materials to deliver durability, strong performance, and long-life service.

  • Suitable for different models of hydraulic breaker
  • Stronger and wear-resistant
  • Tested in extreme conditions

A&D Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts

The hydraulic breaker spare parts have a wide range of types such as front covers, thrust bushes, pistons, chisels, breaker seal kits, side bolts, Through bolt, chisel pins, and more. These parts are widely used for maintenance operations and repair of hydraulic breakers. Each hydraulic breaker part is available here.

A&D is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic breaker parts that have a universal function to suit different applications. These parts are manufactured through our advanced production and assembly facilities. We manufacture hydraulic breaker spare parts according to international quality standards to ensure durability. Our engineers will also customize each breaker part based on your requirements.

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piston-hydraulic breaker parts
Piston-Hydraulic breaker Spare Parts

In order to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions, we have rough grinding and fine grinding. Usually after rough grinding, the piston must be left to stand at room temperature for more than 30 hours before finishing.

Seal kits-BKSBS Hydraulic breaker
Seal Kit Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts

A&D Hydraulic breaker seal kits are available, in different brands of your choice, Brands made in China, brands made in Korea, or as your requirements.


hydraulic breaker front head
Front head-hydraulic breaker spare parts

The front head, Cylinder, and Back heads are made in our own factory.  We adopt the Korea technology. Material adopt the best alloy steel 20CrMo. The whole main body is connected by the through bolts.

Side Bolt Hydraulic Spare Parts
Bolt- Hydraulic breaker spare Parts

There are side bolts and through bolts for your choice. We also can call long bolt and short bolt for hydraulic rock breakers.  We adopt the 42CrMo alloy steel as the material with heat treatment, strong and not easy loose.

Your Reliable Hydraulic Breaker Spare Part Supplier in China
Control valve- Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts

The control valve as the hydraulic breakers’ heart, we have strictly technology of the smooth and accuracy. We say the hydraulic breaker with strong power or not, it is up to the control valve.

Hydraulic Breaker Tool Wearing Bushes Spare Parts
Bushes-hydraulic breaker Spare Parts

The bushes’ spare parts are made of high-strength Alloy steel (20CrMo) with treatment. It is the forging material, strong and wear-resistant. All our hydraulic breaker parts can reach the industry standard.

Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Advantages

High quality
High quality

All Hydraulic breaker spare parts are made using high-quality Alloy-steel materials to give strong, and high performance on machines.


Hydraulic breaker spare parts offer a long-life service due to their durability, which to withstand different temperature conditions.

Wear Resistant
Wear Resistant

All of our hydraulic spare parts are wear resistance which helps to save money and time, to reduce the after-sale service cost.

Low Cost
Low Cost

A&D ensures to give Standard spare parts to use on the standard model hydraulic breakers like Soosan and Furukawa hydraulic breakers.

A&D Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Start-Up Kit

Our hydraulic breaker spare part start-up kit has all the necessary components to make sure that your breaker can run smoothly during the application.

  • Two Chisels
  • Two Hoses
  • One Spare Seal kits
  • One Nitrogen bottle
  • One Charging gauge
  • One toolbox with necessary tools
  • One manual book
accessory tools hydraulic breaker parts
Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts

Features of Our Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts

All our spare parts for hydraulic breakers are produced with excellent features.

  • Lower cost without compromising quality
  • Easy to change and istall.
  • Suitable for maintenance and repair

Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Advantages

A&D provides spare parts that can provide a lot of advantages to your hydraulic spare parts.

  • Designed for long-term usage
  • Can help you save time and money, reduce the after-sale service cost.
  • Guaranteed to have a long-year warranty
  • Comes with a manual or installation guide
  • Low maintenance budget
A&D Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Start-Up Kit

Your Reliable Hydraulic Breaker Spare Part Supplier in China

hydraulic breaker spare parts
A&D Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Start-Up Kit

A&D offers the broadest range of spare parts for your hydraulic breakers.  Among these spare parts includes tool pins, pistons, bushing, and more. Our hydraulic breaker spare parts are guaranteed to have a long shelf life, and continuous repositioning. We manufacture these parts using high steel grade to ensure that we deliver high durability and strength. As a professional supplier, A&D offers OEM/ODM services to suit different hydraulic breaker models. A&D offers stable delivery time and adequate product supply to ensure that we can provide hydraulic breaker spare parts during peak seasons.

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Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts
Our Wide Range of Spare Parts for Hydraulic Breaker

A&D manufactures the following spare parts for your hydraulic breakers.

  • Adapter
  • Bushings
  • Bush rings
  • Bracket bush
  • Bolts
  • Flange
  • Hose coupling
  • Nuts
  • Rubber pads
  • Stop pin
  • Front head, and more
accessory tools hydraulic breaker parts
A&D Hydraulic Breaker Repair Kits

A&D offers readily available repair kits if the hydraulic breaker failed to operate or is broken. These parts can significantly reduce downtime.

  • Comes with easy-to-follow and clear installation instructions
  • Low-cost and affordable
  • Easy to obtain
  • Easy to manage
  • Saves administration time
  • Comes in a safe storage
  • Helps in maintaining a low maintenance cost

Why Choose A&D as Your Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Supplier

Offers High Efficiency
Offers High Efficiency

Our hydraulic breaker spare parts are manufactured with high efficiency to ensure long service life.

  • Variety of configuration
  • Anti-blank feature
  • Superior power-to-weight ratio
OEMODM Services
OEM/ODM Services

We manufacture hydraulic breaker spare parts with OEM and ODM designs to meet your requirements.

  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Material selection based on your needs
Professional Services
Professional Services

When you purchased hydraulic breaker spare parts from A&D, guarantee that we can provide professional services such as:

  • After-sales support
  • Quality testing before shipment
  • Standard accessories sizes
Increased Your Hydraulic Breaker Productivity with Our Spare Parts
Increased Your Hydraulic Breaker Productivity with Our Spare Parts

A&D offers the broadest selection of spare parts for hydraulic breakers such as bush, pistons, valves, and more. We offer these parts to international clients including wholesalers, importers, retailers, and more. Rest assured that all our spare parts have good working conditions, easy to use, and are affordable.

  • “Thank you so much A&D all materials that I need for my excavators I found on your company I am really thankful that your hydraulic spare parts are, strong, durable, and can give a long-lasting performance.”

  • “After many years of finding a reliable supplier of hydraulic breaker spare parts for my business, gladly I found you A&D. Thank you so much for giving such a high-quality spare part, and also thank for helping my business grow. I will always choose you.”

  • “The hydraulic breaker spare parts can give high performance on large equipment such as excavators or loaders, especially when used on mining, constructions, old building demolition and so on. Thank you so much A&D together with your team.”

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