A&D Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe

A&D has been specializing in manufacturing hydraulic hammers for backhoe 8+ years. We offer a complete range of hydraulic backhoe hammers from 0.8 to 100 tonnes. Suitable for all brands and backhoe models.

  • Stable working performance
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Complete testing and striking experiments
  • Can customize color, appearance, and logo

Your Expert Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Supplier

The hydraulic hammer for the backhoe designed to attach on the backhoe , it is used to break hard materials like concrete and rock. These hydraulic hammers incorporate power and efficiency. With that, they can work in different industries like mining, construction, and demolition.

A&D launches high-performance hydraulic hammers for backhoes. It comes in multiple sizes – weights and lengths. Additional classifications include working pressure, working oil flow, impact rate, chisel diameter, and more. At A&D, you can find the right equipment to increase productivity. Contact us now.

1. Unmatched Power & Precision
Built with unyielding attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection, our Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe delivers extraordinary power without compromising precision. Whether breaking through rock, concrete, or any stubborn material, it makes the task seem almost effortless.

2. Quality That Rings True
We at A&D manufacture a full range of high, medium, and low-grade excavator attachments. The meticulous material selection, combined with the impeccable craftsmanship, ensures that our Hydraulic Hammers for Loader Backhoes are of grade A quality.

3. Versatility & Compatibility
From the largest construction sites to the smallest backyard projects, these hammers are suitable for various applications. They fit most Loader Backhoes and are easily customizable to meet your specific needs.

4. Affordability Without Compromise
Quality doesn’t always have to break the bank. Our competitively priced plans ensure that the majority of people can afford the excellence of our Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe. It’s the epitome of getting champagne quality on a beer budget!

5. After-sales Service & Support
Of course, our relationship doesn’t end after the sale. Our after-sales service is here to ensure that your Hydraulic Hammers for Loader Backhoes continue to serve you well. We’re always ready to answer any inquiries and provide support.

Feel free to reach out to us for further details or inquiries about our excavator attachments. We stand ready to serve, and remember, when it comes to construction equipment, nobody breaks ground quite like A&D!

hydraulic hammer for backhoe
Hydraulic Breaker for Backhoe

The hydraulic breaker for the backhoe is suitable for the backhoe, it’s special design attached to the backhoe makes it more flexible and effective. it has an excellent working performance

hydraulic breaker
Hydraulic Hammer for 4-7Ton Backhoe

A&D hydraulic hammer for 4-7t backhoe is more popular for many applications, such as road re-built, inside breaking and second breaking, etc. Usually they come with chisel diameters of 68mm and 75mm hydraulic breakers.

Hydraulic Hammer for 5-19 Tonnes Backhoe
Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe

A&D designed hydraulic hammers for backhoes with different appearances, it depends on the clients’ local market, so we also can make the bracket design as per your drawing or photos.

A&D Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Key Advantages

Best Material
Best Material

A&D purchased high-quality material for the hydraulic backhoe hammer. We use the most suitable material to make different parts, like 20CrMo for the main body, and 42CrMo for the chisel and bushes. These materials provide efficiency and reliability.

Heat Treatment Technology
Heat Treatment Technology

We have advanced heat treatment technology. All these techniques are original from Korea. It gives equipment more stable work performance.

First-Rate Engineers
First-Rate Engineers

We incorporate professional engineers at A&D. Most of employees have more than 10 years of experience from the R&D and production team to the after-sales department.


A&D hydraulic hammer for backhoe suits many brands like Komatsu, Kato, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Daewoo, Volvo, etc. It is compatible with any models from these brands.

Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Working Principle

A&D hydraulic hammer powered by a backhoe operates according to the hydraulics principle. It exerts intense pressure on the rigid structure that needs to break. Such as rock, stone, and concrete. They provide short work in many different industries. It can handle both light and medium tasks.

The hammer size can fit all sizes of backhoes, any brand, and models. Therefore, you can find the breaker to meet your business needs. These hammers are also suitable for excavators with weight classes ranging from 0.8 to 100 tons. A&D hydraulic hammers are designed to be reliable and simple to use. Contact us now.

Main Features

Main 3 Types of Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe

A&D is committed to giving you the help you need to finish the project successfully. Look closely at the several hydraulic hammers we have to offer for your loader backhoe.

1.Top Type Hydraulic Hammer: Applied in specialized operations requiring a high elevation angle.

2. Side Type-Rock Hammer: It has a versatile use, such as breaking up rock, paving a road, demolishing buildings, etc.

3.Box Silenced Hydraulic Hammer: They are used in specific projects where noise is restricted. It’s energy-saving and environmental protection.


Applicable Working Field

A&D hydraulic hammers for backhoes have a wide range of industrial applications. The following are some potential operations.

  • Mining Industry – secondary crushing, mining
  • Railway Industry – demolition of the bridge, tunnels, mountains down
  • Highway/Road – foundation excavation, breaking, highway repair
  • Construction – reinforced concrete, demolition of a building
  • Ship Repairing – removing rust and clam from the hull
  • Others – vibrating sand cracking, ice-breaking, etc.


Applicable Working Field1

A&D: Your Top Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Factory

hydraulic breaker for backhoe
Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Factory1

A&D offers a complete line of hydraulic backhoe hammers. It’s possible with the goal of providing a one-stop purchasing solution. We utilize technology from Korea to manufacture the tools. In that way, hydraulic hammer working performance stability is excellent. Besides that, the service life of the tool becomes longer.

Each hydraulic hammer for the backhoe is rigorously checked to several tests. Before delivery, we will do striking experiments on tools. A&D provides loading service, after-sale service and maintenance, and sourcing service. If you are looking for a top-quality backhoe hydraulic hammer, A&D gives the best for you. Need to know more? Please get in touch with us today.

Main Features.
Main Features

The hydraulic hammer for the backhoe incorporates components/ technology that contributes to total smooth operations. Each model has its distinctive traits. It includes:

  • Cylinder & valves
  • Chisel
  • Piston
  • Two moving parts
  • Dual tool retainer pins
  • Low-pressure gas charge
Standard Accessories
Standard Accessories

A&D offers a wide range of accessories for hydraulic hammers for backhoes.

  • Manual Book
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Chisel
  • Nitrogen bottle
  • Tool box with necessary tools
  • Charging gauge

Why Work With A&D for Your Project

backhoe hydraulic breaker 2
Expert Team

A&D is integrated with the R&D department and can custom-design hydraulic hammers for backhoes. The sketch will be based according to your working conditions. They can make the tool easy to install, use, and have reliable operation.

backhoe hydraulic breaker
Innovative Technology

All A&D production technology is imported from Korea. It enables output to deliver stable work performance. Thus, allowing a long life span. We also have professional loading equipment. Container loading and unloading can be done quickly.

Customize Solution

Hydraulic hammers for backhoe sizes can be customized. Aside from that, we can modify the color, logo, and other specifications. We give unique configurations and develop the best price plan to help you save money.

Sales Support
Sales Support

A&D has seven days 24 hours sales services. These teams respond quickly to customers’ after-sales trouble. We solve issues on time, reduce after-sales costs, and help you win a reputation among your customers.

Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Manufacturer
One-Stop Hydraulic Hammer for Backhoe Manufacturer

A&D offers a complete range of hydraulic hammers for backhoes. We provide sourcing services, customized support, and after-sale network, and more. Stable work performance, more extended life service!

  • “A&D has strong communication because of its smart sales personnel. I had complete insight into the hydraulic hammer, including functions, features, and small details. The equipment fits well with our brand, quality is great. I had a great time working with A&D.”

  • “A&D hydraulic hammers for backhoes are very advanced. The factory employees work well together, which allowed us to acquire high-quality equipment quickly. The price is also reasonable. I would love to work with you on our next project.”

  • “Received my orders and very satisfied of your product. A&D indeed provides excellent product and service quality. High levels of managerial skill and a commitment to making every collaboration successful. Great job, A&D.

Why Choose A&D’s Wholesale Backhoe Hydraulic Hammer?

International Presence: Exporting to over 40 countries isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to global trust.
Tailored Plans: High, medium, and low-grade options are available to suit different budgetary needs.
Unbeatable After-Sales Service: Because your satisfaction is our victory lap.

Key Features of A&D’s Wholesale Backhoe Hydraulic Hammer

Grade A Quality: Crafted to perfection with industry-standard materials, rigorous heat treatment, and meticulous craftsmanship.
Versatile Applications: Ideal for construction, demolition, mining, and other heavy-duty operations.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Engineered for maximum efficiency and durability.

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