Hydraulic Pulverizer Manufacturer in China

A&D is an experienced manufacturer that offers a wide range of highly durable hydraulic pulverizers at competitive rates. Our hydraulic pulverizers are designed for demolishing or crushing concrete effectively and quickly while producing fewer vibrations and noise.

  • Customizing based on your exact requirements
  • Stable delivery time
  • Adequate production
  • EXW, CIF, FOB, & door to door service are available

A&D Hydraulic Pulverizer

Hydraulic pulverizers are great for the demolition of concrete structures. They are designed with a steel structure in order to make them sturdier and highly resistant to construction tear and wear. Moreover, they have a fast closing and opening of the jaw to make your work easier and quicker.

A&D specializes in the production of all types of high-performance hydraulic pulverizers for many years. Our hydraulic pulverizers are recognized for their long service life, fast operation, and stable performance. If you are looking for hydraulic pulverizers, our team can help you find the ones that will suit your needs and budget. We also have custom solutions for your specific needs.

You can contact us if you want more details about our hydraulic pulverizers.

A&D Hydraulic Pulverizer Series

Hydraulic Concrete Muncher Pulverizer
Hydraulic Concrete Muncher Pulverizer

The hydraulic concrete moocher pulverizers are made from high-grade steel with extremely high wear resistance to ensure long life. They can be used for the demolition of reinforced concrete buildings.

Excavator Hydraulic Pulverizers
Excavator Hydraulic Pulverizers

The excavator hydraulic pulverizers are used as excavator attachments for separating concrete from rebar. They can perfectly and efficiently demolish, separate, and pulverize concrete structures.

Fixed Hydraulic Pulverizers
Fixed Hydraulic Pulverizers

The fixed hydraulic pulverizers have high breaking forces and wide jaws for short cycle times and exceptional closing force. They are abrasive-resistant, extremely durable, and wear-resistant.

Rotating Hydraulic Pulverizers

The rotating hydraulic pulverizers are ideal for primary demolition, secondary demolition, and recycling applications. They have a 360° rotation for easy maneuverability and effective separation of materials.

30ton Hydraulic Pulverizers
30ton Hydraulic Pulverizers

The 30ton hydraulic pulverizers can be attached to 30ton excavators. They can accurately and quickly demolish concrete walls, buildings, floors, and other concrete structures.

26ton Hydraulic Pulverizers
26ton Hydraulic Pulverizers

The 26ton hydraulic pulverizers have continuous hydraulic rotation, fast crushing action, and low noise. They are made from high-strength and wear-resistant alloy steel. Also, they are resistant to deformation and temperatures.

A&D Hydraulic Pulverizer Advantages

Excellent Handling
Excellent Handling

The hydraulic pulverizers can crush, grab, or pulverize large sections of concrete structures easily and quickly.


We use the highest quality alloy steel to manufacture hydraulic pulverizers. Various quality inspections are also done to ensure their quality.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

To suit your exact needs, our R&D team can design and manufacture hydraulic pulverizers based on your exact specifications.

Quick Cycle Times
Quick Cycle Times

Due to the high flow speed valve that is built into the cylinder of the hydraulic pulverizers, they have quick cycle times.

A&D Hydraulic Pulverizer Factory

We specializes in the production of all types of high-performance hydraulic pulverizers for many years. Our hydraulic pulverizers are recognized for their long service life, fast operation, and stable performance. If you are looking for hydraulic pulverizers, our team can help you find the ones that will suit your needs and budget. We also have custom solutions for your specific needs.

A&D Hydraulic Pulverizer Materials

A&D Hydraulic Pulverizer Materials

At A&D, we use the most technologically advanced materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, 42CrMo alloy steel, and other materials depending on the applications of the hydraulic pulverizers. We use the highest quality and highly durable steel to reduce the disassembly costs. Moreover, the materials we use are guaranteed to have these features:

  • Withstands high levels of pressure
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Resistant tear & wear
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Uses & Benefits

The hydraulic pulverizers from A&D can provide the following benefits:

  • Can get rid of all the leftover concrete debris
  • Separates steel wire, rebar, and other kinds of steel from concrete materials
  • Demolishes concrete structures with ease
  • Can crush concrete bridge columns, buildings, walls, and other structures more effectively, quickly, and quietly than other methods

Why Choose A&D

  1. Excellent After-Sale Services – If you encounter any issues about our hydraulic pulverizers, we can help you solve the issue.
  2. Customization Services – A&D offers custom hydraulic pulverizers to meet your specific needs. The sizes, colors, appearance, design, logo, and other specifications of the hydraulic pulverizers can be customized.
  3. Fast Response – We promise to respond to your inquiries as early as possible.

A&D | Your Trusted Hydraulic Pulverizer Supplier in China

our Trusted Hydraulic Pulverizer Supplier
our Trusted Hydraulic Pulverizer Supplier1

Here at A&D, we are manufacturing high-performance hydraulic pulverizers that are designed to handle the toughest demolition, recycling, and pulverizing applications. We offer a huge selection of hydraulic pulverizers for you to choose from. Our R&D department also offers custom solutions to ensure that we meet your specific requirements.

To make sure you get the perfect hydraulic pulverizers, we test and inspect the pulverizers thoroughly before their delivery. The raw materials we use also exceeded the industry and international quality standards. We have implemented strict quality control in every manufacturing step of the hydraulic pulverizers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

A&D | Hydraulic Pulverizer Manufacturer


The hydraulic pulverizers are designed with a lot of features such as:

  • High crushing power
  • Large jaw capacities
  • Extreme durability
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to tear and wear
  • Fast jaw closing and opening
  • Quick cycle times
  • Reduced noise & vibration
  • Excellent handling

The hydraulic pulverizers have many designs and others are optional. We can also design hydraulic pulverizers based on your needs. Some of their designs include:

  • Wide jaw & angled shape that helps to speed up the demolition
  • Custom lever arms to have a maximum crushing ability
  • Bucket-style teeth to sort materials from concrete
  • Interchangeable tooth system for easy and lower maintenance
  • Serrated blades to cut rebar, steel rods, and other materials efficiently
  • Special latches
  • Innovative design that provides better maneuverability and grip

Wide Range of Applications

Construction & Demolition Recycling
Construction & Demolition Recycling

The hydraulic pulverizers can be used for C&D (Construction & Demolition) recycling applications. They can be used for crushing, separating, or pulverizing concrete.

Concrete Recycling
Concrete Recycling

Hydraulic pulverizers are also used to recycle concrete in many places such as abandoned streets, bridges, buildings, etc. They are used for demolishing and crushing old concrete.

Primary & Secondary Demolition
Primary & Secondary Demolition

You can use the hydraulic pulverizers for the reduction of concrete elements, primary demolition, and secondary demolition. The hydraulic pulverizers are commonly used for fast and easy separation and fragmentation of rebar from concrete elements. They are suitable for the demolition of concrete slabs, walls, ground, pavements, vertical cement structures, and more.

Choose A&D to Skyrocket Your Business!
Choose A&D to Skyrocket Your Business!

A&D is a leader when it comes to manufacturing and custom designing hydraulic pulverizers. We have been manufacturing for many years and our hydraulic pulverizers are known for their high durability, excellent working performance, and long service life.

  • “I am really glad I have found A&D! They are really professional in the production of high-quality hydraulic pulverizers. Moreover, they are good at customizing hydraulic pulverizers based on your requirements. For our next projects, we will definitely team up with A&D again.”

  • “We ordered custom hydraulic pulverizers from A&D and they are exactly customized as per my specifications. Their hydraulic pulverizers are obviously manufactured from high-quality materials. Also, they look sturdy and long-lasting. Thank you so much, A&D!”

  • “The hydraulic pulverizers we ordered from A&D have excellent working performance, fast cycle times, and durable construction. They can make the demolition easy and fast. Most importantly, they are customized to my specifications.”

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