Hydraulic Scrap Shear Manufacturer in China

At A&D, we’ve harnessed over 8 years of experience in construction equipment manufacturing to become a leading name in the industry. Based in China, we are your go-to source for high-quality Mobile Scrap Shears. Our Scrap Shear’s jaw design, paired with its strategic blade layout, guarantees an impeccable linear shear of your scrap metal. Crafted for the demolition of robust iron constructs and adept at slicing a variety of structural steels – be it pipes, sheets, or iron cases – this tool is the embodiment of innovation and durability. The utilization of wear-resistant steel reinforces its mighty cutting prowess while ensuring its weight remains advantageously manageable.

  • Extensive knowledge in the construction equipment domain
  • Light and user-friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low price guarantee
  • Custom solutions for your needs

A&D Hydraulic Scrap Shear

A hydraulic shear proves to be the ideal machinery for primary demolition tasks. Its primary application lies in steel cutting at demolition sites, a function commonly referred to as scrap shearing.

Hydraulic Shears boast substantial cutting prowess and boast swift cycle times, ensuring remarkable levels of productivity. With the capacity to slice through tons of steel in an instant, they are an embodiment of efficiency!

In the A&D, we extend the option to either rent or purchase Rotar Hydraulic Shears. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you in selecting the most suitable scrap shear that aligns with your specific project needs.

Feel free to reach out to us to explore our range of Rotar Hydraulic Shears. At A&D, we are committed to delivering quality equipment and exceptional service, making us your trusted partner for all your excavator attachment requirements.

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A&D Hydraulic Scrap Shear Advantages

Extremely Effective
Light and User-Friendly

A&D’s intuitive design allows for easy adapter changes, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced operational efficiency.

Fast Working
Hydraulic Power

Utilizing the robustness of hydraulics, the shear offers consistent, unmatched force, making light work of even the toughest materials.

Safe to Use
Innovative Design

The unique jaw geometry and blade configuration guarantee an unparalleled linear shear, raising the bar in metal cutting.

Long Term Reliability
Easy Maintenance

A&D Demolition Shear are built with long life in mind and require little maintenance. Regular and easy maintenance of hydraulic scrap shears offers a slew of advantages for businesses in the construction sector.

How does a hydraulic metal shear work?-Operating Procedures for Hydraulic Swing Shears

Before Work:

1.Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the General Operating Regulations for Forging Equipment.

2.Conscientiously implement the following relevant supplementary regulations:

Before the dry-run test run, manually crank the machine for a working stroke. Start the equipment only after confirming that it operates normally.

For equipment with hydraulic devices, ensure the oil storage tank has sufficient oil. After starting the oil pump, check the valves and pipelines for any signs of leakage, ensuring that the pressure meets the specified requirements. Open the air release valve to release any air from the system.

At Work:

1.Prohibit the cutting of laminated sheets, trimming the edges of raw-edged sheets, or cutting narrow sheets and short sheets that are not tightly compressed.

2.Adjust the gap between the blades according to the thickness of the plate, ensuring it does not exceed 1/30 of the thickness of the plate. Securely fasten the knife plate, keeping the upper and lower knife plates parallel. After adjustment, inspect with manual turning to prevent accidents.

3.Maintain the cutting edge of the blade in sharp condition. If the cutting edge becomes dull or cracked, replace it promptly.

4.During cutting, ensure that the pressing device firmly secures the sheet. Cutting under conditions where the sheet is not tightly pressed is not permitted.

5.For equipment equipped with hydraulic devices, refrain from making any private adjustments to hydraulic valves, except for throttling.

6.For hydraulic pendulum shears, determine the thickness of the sheared sheet according to the “Relationship Curve Diagram of Ultimate Strength and Thickness of Sheets.”

Why Choose A&D for Your Hydraulic Scrap Shear

A&D strategy is built upon decades of experience and technical improvement for portable hydraulic metal cutting shears manufacturing industry. Each portable hydraulic metal cutting shears from A&D is a testament to their commitment to grade A quality. From material selection and heat treatment to craftsmanship, every stage of manufacturing is subjected to rigorous standards

In addition, our services include offering a favorable after-sale cost for our machines to our customers, providing them a quick response to any of their questions and problems, and to aids dealers in achieving the reputation of the end customers. Since its establishment, A&D has thoroughly acquainted with the manufacturer and suppliers worldwide, improving products that constantly follow modern changes and trends. 

Features of Rotational Hydraulic Shears

Rotational hydraulic shears, also known as Mobile Scrap Shears, are specialized equipment designed for cutting and processing scrap metal and other materials. They come with a range of features that make them efficient and versatile for various industrial applications.

1.Powerful Cutting Force: Rotational hydraulic shears are equipped with hydraulic cylinders that provide significant cutting force. This power enables them to cut through thick and dense materials, including steel and other metals.

2.Versatile Cutting Blades: These shears come with interchangeable cutting blades, allowing for flexibility in cutting different materials and shapes. You can often adjust the blade gap to accommodate various material thicknesses.

3.360-Degree Rotation: One of the distinctive features of rotational hydraulic shears is their ability to rotate 360 degrees. This rotation capability allows for easy positioning and cutting from various angles, improving operational efficiency.

4.Precise Control: Hydraulic systems provide precise control over the cutting process. Operators can adjust the cutting force, speed, and angle with accuracy, ensuring clean and accurate cuts.

5.Safety Features: To ensure operator safety, rotational hydraulic shears are often equipped with safety measures such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and control systems that prevent accidental activation.

6.Durability and Reliability: These shears are built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty industrial use. They are constructed with robust materials and components, making them durable and reliable over extended periods.

9.Compact Design: Many rotational hydraulic shears are designed to be compact and mobile, making them suitable for use in tight spaces and on construction or demolition sites.

10.Environmental Considerations: Hydraulic systems are known for their energy efficiency, which can be more environmentally friendly compared to other power sources. They also produce less noise and vibration during operation.

11.Customization Options: Depending on the manufacturer, you may have customization options available to tailor the shear to your specific needs and preferences.

12.Ease of Operation: Rotational hydraulic shears are typically designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and ergonomic features that enhance operator comfort and productivity.

13.Integrated Safety Systems: These shears often incorporate safety features such as overload protection and safety interlocks to prevent damage to the equipment and ensure safe operation.

A&D Hydraulic Scrap Shear

Applications of Hydraulic Scrap Shear
  • Recycling job in scrap yard
  • Demolition of steel structures
  • Tire cutting
  • Special applications
A&D - Your Expert and Trusted Mobile Scrap Shear Supplier in China

A&D is one of the professional manufacturers of Mobile Scrap Shears. Focuses on the creation, research, and manufacture of Mobile Scrap Shears, with extensive production systems including machining, inspection, assembly, testing, packing, etc. High quality, long-term stability, and durability are all traits of the goods. Send your question right now.

  • “I’ve been getting Mobile Scrap Shears from A&D, and the quality is always excellent. They consistently deliver outstanding results and reliable operation. Huge appreciation to A&D services.”

  • “A&D is a dependable and trusted manufacturer of Mobile Scrap Shear. The Hydraulic Scrap Shear is strong and effective for any industrial purpose. Besides, it is easy to use and user-friendly equipment.”

  • “I want to thank A&D for consistently offering Demolition Shear that are simple to use and able to manage the most complex challenges. Thank you, A&D, for your great product services.”

Why a mobile scrap shear so important?

  • Portability & Flexibility: One of the main advantages of a mobile scrap shear is its ability to be transported to various locations. This means that instead of transporting heavy and bulky scrap metal to a fixed location for processing, the shear can be taken to the source, saving both time and money.
  • Efficiency in Operations: Mobile shears are designed to cut through a wide range of scrap metals swiftly. Their efficient design ensures that they can handle large volumes of scrap in less time, making operations more productive.
  • Economical: By processing scrap on-site, businesses can reduce transportation costs. Fewer trips mean less fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear on transport vehicles.
  • Enhanced Scrap Value: Properly sheared and processed scrap often fetches a better price in the market. A scrap metal recycling shear ensures that the metal is processed to industry standards, thus maximizing its resale value.
  • Environmental Benefits: With the ability to process scrap on-site, there’s a reduction in the amount of unprocessed scrap lying around, leading to a cleaner environment. Moreover, efficient recycling of metals reduces the need for virgin mining, conserving natural resources.
  • Safety: Handling and transporting large pieces of scrap can be hazardous. The scrap metal cutting shear reduces the size and makes the scrap more manageable, thereby enhancing safety during transportation and storage.
  • Adaptability: Mobile scrap shears can be fitted onto different equipment like excavators, allowing for versatile operations. The scrap metal excavator shear, for instance, allows operators to shear scrap in areas that might be challenging for standalone machines.
  • Cost-effective Maintenance: Given that these shears are designed for rugged use, they are often built with durability in mind. Their modular design often means parts can be replaced or maintained on-site, reducing downtime.

What is the purpose of the scrap metal excavator shear ?

A scrap metal excavator shear is a specialized hydraulic attachment for excavators, designed for cutting and processing metal materials. Its primary purpose is to cut, dismantle, and size scrap metal for recycling and disposal. Here are some of the primary purposes and uses of the scrap metal excavator shear:

  1. Dismantling: Used in dismantling large structures like bridges, buildings, or other metallic infrastructures. The shears can cut through steel beams, pipes, and other structural components.
  2. Vehicle Recycling: In auto recycling yards, the shear is commonly used to dismantle and process vehicles. It can efficiently cut cars into smaller pieces, making them easier to process for recycling.
  3. Scrap Processing: Once scrap metal is collected, it needs to be processed to a size that is acceptable for foundries and steel mills. Excavator shears can cut large metal pieces into manageable sizes for further recycling.
  4. Demolition: In demolition sites, where there are metal components, the shear can be used to selectively cut and remove metallic structures without having to rely on more extensive and time-consuming methods.
  5. Safety: Using a hydraulic shear reduces the risks associated with traditional cutting methods, such as using torches. This ensures safer operations, especially in environments with flammable materials.
  6. Efficiency and Cost Savings: Since hydraulic shears can quickly and effectively process scrap, it results in labor savings, increased efficiency, and reduced processing costs.
  7. Environmental Benefit: Efficient processing of scrap metal ensures that more metal is recycled and reused, reducing the demand for virgin materials and the environmental impact associated with mining and refining those materials.

Do you really need the scrap iron shear ?

  • Nature of Your Business: If you’re involved in the scrap metal recycling industry, demolition work, or any business that requires processing large amounts of scrap metal, a scrap iron shear can be an invaluable tool. It helps in downsizing and preparing metal for recycling or disposal.
  • Volume of Scrap: If you’re handling large volumes of scrap metal regularly, a shear can increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and speed up processing times.
  • Safety Considerations: Using a hydraulic shear can be safer than some alternative methods, like cutting torches, especially in environments where flammable materials may be present.
  • Environmental Considerations: Efficient processing of scrap metal ensures more metal is recycled and reused, reducing environmental impact associated with mining and refining new materials.
  • Economic Factors: While investing in a scrap iron shear can be costly initially, the long-term benefits in terms of efficiency, reduced labor costs, and increased output might justify the expense.
  • Space & Mobility: If you’re operating in a space-constrained environment, or need to move the equipment frequently, consider if the shear is easy to transport and whether it fits well within your operational area.
  • Maintenance & Durability: Think about the long-term costs as well. Quality shears might have a higher upfront cost but may require less maintenance and have a longer operational lifespan.

Is it easy to install the scrap metal cutting shear ?

Installing a scrap metal cutting shear, especially the hydraulic kind designed for excavators or heavy machinery, requires meticulous attention to safety and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to install it:

Step1:Prepare the Equipment:

Clean the attachment points on the machinery to ensure a secure fit.

Check the hydraulic system of the machine to ensure it’s free of contaminants.

Step2:Check Compatibility:

Ensure the shear attachment is compatible with the machine in terms of size, weight capacity, and hydraulic requirements.

Inspect the attachment points, pins, and bushings for wear or damage.

Step3:Attach the Shear:

Line up the shear’s attachment points with those on the machinery.

Securely fasten the shear using the provided pins or bolts.

Ensure all pins are secured with retaining clips or bolts to prevent them from coming loose during operation.

Step4:Connect Hydraulic Lines:

Connect the hydraulic hoses from the shear to the machinery.

Ensure the connections are tight to prevent leaks and ensure efficient operation.

Double-check the hydraulic flow and pressure settings to ensure they match the shear’s specifications.

Step5:Test the Installation:

Before full operation, test the shear to ensure it operates smoothly and safely.

Check for any hydraulic leaks or unusual sounds.

Ensure the shear opens and closes correctly and that all safety features are functional.

Step6:Review Operation Guidelines:

If you’re unfamiliar with the shear’s operation, review the manufacturer’s operation manual or seek training.

Familiarize yourself with the shear’s safety features and emergency shutdown procedures.

Step7:Regular Maintenance:

After installation, implement a routine maintenance schedule. Regularly check the hydraulic lines, attachment points, and cutting edges for wear or damage.

Lubricate moving parts as specified by the manufacturer.

Features of heavy-duty scrap metal shears

Robust Construction: They are made from high-strength steel or alloy materials to handle the rigorous demands of cutting through various metals, including steel beams, pipes, and vehicle bodies.

Hydraulic Operation: Most heavy-duty shears operate using hydraulic systems, ensuring they exert significant force and making them efficient at cutting through thick and tough materials.

High Cutting Force: Designed to exert immense pressure at the cutting edges, allowing them to shear through even thick and reinforced metals.

Interchangeable Blades: Many models come with interchangeable or reversible blades, extending the shear’s lifespan and allowing customization based on the material being cut.

Rotating Heads: Some advanced models feature rotating heads, enabling operators to position the shears at various angles without moving the entire machine.

Variability in Size and Capacity: Available in various sizes, from smaller attachments suitable for mid-sized excavators to massive shears for large industrial machinery.

Dust and Debris Protection: Often designed with sealed systems to protect internal components from dust, debris, and other contaminants, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance.

Efficient Hydraulic Systems: Advanced hydraulic systems ensure efficient power use, leading to faster operations and reduced energy consumption.

Low Maintenance: Despite their rugged use, many are designed to be low-maintenance with self-sharpening blades or easy-access points for periodic upkeep.

Portability: Some models are designed for easy transport, allowing flexibility in moving them across different job sites.

Noise Reduction Features: Given the heavy-duty nature of their work, some models are designed to operate with reduced noise, benefiting workers and adhering to noise regulation standards.

How thick can a mobile scrap shear cut?

The cutting capacity of a mobile scrap shear, in terms of thickness, largely depends on the specific model, size, and power of the shear in question. Mobile scrap shears come in various sizes and capacities, and each is designed for specific applications.

Here are some general guidelines regarding the cutting capacity of mobile scrap shears:

Smaller Mobile Shears: These may be designed for lighter-duty applications and might handle metal thicknesses ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Medium-sized Mobile Shears: Generally, they can handle materials with thicknesses ranging from 1 inch to 1.5 inches.

Heavy-duty Mobile Shears: These are designed for the most rigorous applications, such as cutting I-beams, pipes, and heavy equipment. Their cutting capacities can often handle metal thicknesses of 2 inches or more.

Where do you get the scrap metal cutting shear in China?

A&D Scrap metal shear machine for sale:

Our collection of shear presses fortified with adjustable flaps boasts a commendable range, from 500, 650 to a whopping 900 tons of cutting power. Infused with top-tier hydraulics and state-of-the-art flap mechanics for unparalleled scrap enveloping, A&D’s Mobile Scrap Shear undoubtedly sets the gold standard in the scrap shear for sale marketplace.

Why Buy A Shear From Leading Metal Shear Manufacturers-A&D?

A&D has been a trusted source for Scrap Processing Alligator or scrap iron shears for over 8 years. High-quality, scrap shears in a range of sizes. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, we can offer high quality with a brand you can trust.

From the robust and durable versions offering 800, 1000, 1300, to 1700 tons of slicing prowess, our shears are nothing short of engineering marvels. What sets the A&D Scrap Metal Excavator Shear apart? A fully automated sequence, expertly blending both compression and slicing tasks. Factor in the elite hydraulic system and the preload table’s strategic kinematics, and you have a system designed for optimal scrap loading in virtually no time.

About A&D scrap metal shear price:

At A&D, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality scrap metal shears tailored to meet the demands of various industrial applications. Recognizing that pricing is a crucial aspect for our esteemed customers, we encourage inquiries about our scrap metal shear prices. Whether you’re seeking specific price details or wish to obtain a comprehensive price list, our dedicated team is here to assist. We strive to provide competitive and transparent pricing that reflects the superior build and efficiency of our products. Welcome to A&D, where quality meets affordability. Reach out to us today for all your pricing inquiries.

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