Super easy! 3 steps to replace the Hydraulic Breaker Chisel

The hydraulic breaker chisel is a consumable part. It is often subject to high frequency and high intensity impacts with hard concrete rocks . Replacing the hydraulic breaker rod is easy, we teach you how to replace the rod in three steps.

I. How to choose a rod?
Selecting the best rod for different working conditions is essential to improve efficiency and extend the life of the rod. Hydraulic breaker rods are generally classified according to shape and function as wedge-shaped, Moil, Flat(Blunt), Conical and wide chisel-shaped.


A. Wedge shaped rod: For breaking up soft/medium hard laminated rock or for breaking up asphalt pavements and demolishing concrete structures.
B Moil type Rod: (also called pyramid shaped) Suitable for mining soft/medium hard stones and as an alternative to secondary blasting, also for breaking high hard concrete or non-laminated rocks.
C Blunt shaped Rod: For breaking medium hard stones or cutting small size stones.
D Conical shaped Rod: the most widely used for all kinds of demolition work, roads, bridges and civil engineering.
E Wide chisel shaped Rod: Not common, generally used for cutting asphalt pavements.

How do I replace the  rod?
1. Before replacing the rod, clean the hydraulic hammer, clean the rod pin and rod, then place the Hydraulic hammer horizontally, take the rubber plug off and use a hammer and steel rod to withdraw the locking pin (also called stop pin).

2. Use a steel rod or other tools at the bottom of the hydraulic hammer to push the rod pin out from above, then you can remove the old hydraulic breaker rod.
3. Install the new rod: first wipe enough lubricant in the rod grooves, then insert the new rod into the hammer and install the rod pin, locking pin and rubber plug in the reverse order of disassembly. Remember to push the chisel inside absolutely before you lubricant the chisel.

Any questions of how to replace the Hydraulic breaker rod? Call us for help.

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